Kappenabzeichen on postcards

Isonzo Army

The army badges were made in the largest number of pieces, in a completely understandable way. The badge of the Isonzo army stands out in several respects. Not because of the number of pieces, but rather because of the variety of badges. The motif of the best known badge is shown in this post. However, the two specimens presented are not the usual size, but smaller.

The image of the smaller badge also adorns the postcard. It should be noted that an extremely large number of cards decorated with images of the larger badge version in different shades were produced. The number of small badge cards is smaller, but many of them were also produced, and with various additional drawings, for example, during church holidays. The postcard in the post is decorated with a small badge.

Returning to the versions of the badges, as shown in the picture, two altering versions of this size were made. One bears the year 1915 and the other 1915-17. In order to drive the collector into despair, I note that the smaller badges were made not only in this tombak plate version, but also in silver. For extremely sacrificed collectors: in addition, the metal stamp of the Vienna Münzamt could have appeared in three places on the larger badge: on the front, on the back or on the back of the needle. So, a total of eight variations of Isonzo Army badges can be collected!

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