Kappenabzeichen on postcards

1st Infantry Regiment

The interesting thing about this post is the badge printed on the post card. According to the inscription, it is the insignia of the 1st Infantry Regiment. Based on the drawing, we can imagine a beautiful, colored enamel badge. Something like the cap badge on the picture, of the 11th Dragoon Regiment. The 1st Infantry Regiment was an “imperial regiment”, owned by the then Austro-Hungarian ruler. Therefore, even the ruler’s initial could have been on the badge, as on the 11th Dragoon’s, which was also an “imperial regiment.” Here, however, we see the number of the regiment.

Even more interesting about the entry is, of course, that this badge did not exist, or at least no copy has been found so far. There are a couple of other, similarly “missing” badges. Not many, 5-6 pieces. Only a drawing of these badges on post cards has survived. From the drawing and other existing badges, it is possible to know quite precisely how these badges should have looked like. Since the lapel of the 1st Infantry Regiment was red, we can imagine that the color of the badge was also finished with red enamel. If ever done.

However, this regiment also had existing insignia. Two of these were made with the portrait of the ruler. The third, much more original work was made for the support fund for the disabled of the regiment. I attach a picture of this badge to the post.

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