Men at arms

ITD 38

One of the best-known and most popular divisions and badges among Hungarian collectors. There are several reasons for the popularity. On the one hand, this division brought together the Hungarian-speaking infantry regiments of Transylvania (with the exception of the 32nd Dés regiment).

On the other hand, the division’s Kappenabzeichen is a high-quality work by the Swiss-born medalist Richard Zutt. Zutt worked in Hungary between 1912 and 1925, until 1921 he was the head of the goldsmith department of the School of Applied Arts in Budapest. His creations were made in an extremely characteristic individual style with Secession features that were fashionable at the time. He made cap badges only in a few cases, and more commemorative plaques and award medals.

The 38th Division was deployed on the Eastern Front in general, and was usually subordinated as part of the German Southern Army. In 1918, they were deployed as law enforcers for a while, then sent to the Italian front.

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