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The mixed deployment of the Austro-Hungarian and German troops took place in several places as early as the end of 1914. A more typical solution was the use of Austro-Hungarian [ … ]

Pappfalva near Kirlibaba

In the description of the fighting in Bukovina, you can read about Pappfalva village. There is also a postcard that says it was made there. In this picture you can [ … ]

Max v. Gallwitz

Gallwitz was one of the German generals involved in joint operations with the armies of the Monarchy. He was born in 1852 and was the commander of an independent cavalry [ … ]

May 1916

In May 1916, the Great War had been going on for almost two years. The Monarchy survived the crisis in the winter of 1914-15. In the spring of 1915, they [ … ]

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