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Prayer of the king

Portraits of rulers were often used for wartime propaganda. Among the pictures of Emperor Franz Joseph, his picture of praying remained the best in the memory. Posterity saw this image [ … ]

M14 and M15 15 cm heavy howitzers

The development of the Monarchy’s artillery became an urgent task after the outbreak of the Great War. Heavy artillery was increasingly needed in the emerging trench warfare. Previously, it was [ … ]

3rd bat., BHIR 4

Undeservedly little has been said about the Bosnian troops so far. Mainly because I get relatively little information from the South Slavic states, I don’t have much contact there. However, [ … ]

Assault troop 21

Among the various insignia of the stormtroopers, copies numbered according to separate units are the rarest. The standard assault badge of the Gurschner company was also made in an extra [ … ]

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