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M 17 assault knife

At the beginning of the Great War, the soldiers of the Monarchy were equipped with rifle-mounted bayonets. Such was, for example, the M1895 bayonet, which was standardized for the most [ … ]

IR 13

It was a Polish infantry regiment, the city of Kraków and its surroundings provided its crew. At the beginning of the Great War, his command was in nearby Troppau, but [ … ]

2nd Kaiserschützen Regiment

Tyrol enjoyed a special status in Austria. I will not go into the historical reasons for this here. From the point of view of the Great War, it is important [ … ]

Colonel Eduard Fischer

He was born in 1862 in Carapciu, Bukovina. He prepared for a military career since childhood, and began his career as a volunteer of the 41st Infantry Regiment. He was [ … ]

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