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40th honvéd infantry division

This division included the 6th, 19th, 29th and 30th honvéd infantry regiments, which received crews from the central areas of the Kingdom of Hungary, mainly from the Danube-Tisza area. They [ … ]

IR 44

The 44th Infantry Regiment was a regiment of Somogy County, its replacement battalion was stationed in Kaposvár. The regiment was located at the beginning of the Great War in Vienna. [ … ]

September 1915

The offensive of the Central Powers, launched in May 1915, was exhausted by August. The Russian armies deployed in Russian-Poland were eventually not embraced and captured by German and Austro-Hungarian [ … ]

Hussar shakos

The company ARKANZAS produced some badges to order, but in most cases only by intuition. They sensed how eager civilians and soldiers were to look for the badges, so they [ … ]

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