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Rekonvaleszentenhaus in the Shuttleworth Street

I recently received a very nice Kappenabzeichen with the caption on the title. I definitely wanted to know what kind of institution operated on such a strange street with English [ … ]

Frigyes Csanády

He was born 1861 in Laibach (today Ljubljana). He studied in Keszthely and then in Kremsmünster. After graduating from the military school in Vienna, he began his military career in [ … ]

Landesschützen Regiment III. Innichen

  The Landwehr regiments recruited in Tyrol and Vorarlberg were named Kk. Landesschützen regiments, and from January 1917 Kaiserschützen regiments. There were three of them. No. III. received its personnel [ … ]

Trencsén (Trencin)

The city is an ancient settlement. Its first written mentioning is from 1111. The castle must have stood by then. It stood up to the invasions of Czech kings and [ … ]

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