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  • Szanyi Miklós on Corps ArzYou can take a look: https://kappenabzeichen.hu/en/gurschner-2/
  • Szanyi Miklós on Corps ArzHi there! This is a Gurschner badge. M
  • Pop on Corps ArzDo you perhaps know which workshop(s) made this badge, can't
Punta Corbin

There is a badge which, according to its inscription, depicts the Doberdo. In Hungarian usage the name refers mainly to the Karst plateau named after Lake Doberdob. However, in a [ … ]

HIR 21

We know from some cap badges that the master copy was made in the form of a larger plaque. I don’t think this was the general custom, but it happened [ … ]

Assault trooper

Assault troop badges are some of the most popular and expensive badges. Their esteem is evidently due to the fact that they were worn by members of small, elite teams. [ … ]


I am cheating a little in this post, since Venice did not come under the possession of the Monarchy during the Great War. Venice lost its independence during the Napoleonic [ … ]

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