Kappenabzeichen on postcards

IR 69’s “Hindenburg” buck

The home regiment of Székesfehérvár, the 69th Hindenburg Infantry Regiment, received many insignia. They also made many different postcards for the crew. I have already presented some of these. The postcard attached to this post shows the regiment’s proud buck among his admiring opponents. Caption: “The Hindenburg buck has no match!”

From among the insignia of the regiment, this time I chose the flag insignia designed by the Arkansas company. This badge was produced in several series. As the two badge images show, the series were not identical. Examining the flag insignia, we can see that often not only the color shade differs, but also the paint material used for production. One of the (more common) badges shown here is light gray, and its “thick” material completely covers the badge base. The other has a darker shade and is more translucent. Here, the etched insignia surface prepared before enameling is also visible. We see different flag badges made from the two types of materials in roughly the same proportion.

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