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This site introduces First World War cap badges (Kappenabzeichen) of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It is not merely a specialist site of badges and other memorabilia of the time. I submit small essays related to certain cap badges. The aim is to learn the meaning of the badges, and to collect interesting background information about the events, objects, persons that are depicted on them. Thus, the site is a kind of kaleidoscopic set of interesting readings. The target audience is therefore rather broad: all readers who are interested in the time of the late Habsburg Empire and the events of the First World War are welcome.
Since each post is related to a Kappenabzeichen, they include various topics relevant for the badges. The broad variety of topics is ordered into ten subject categories. The goal of this webpage is to encourage a fruitful discussion about the topic. Therefore I encourage all readers to comment and share further relevant information about the badges or the subjects of the posts. Comments and posts will go online after admin approval and will display the author’s name.

Miklós Szanyi