Kappenabzeichen on postcards

IR 26

Kappenabzeichen.hu is a Hungarian website that is also available in English for foreign readers. However, there are more articles about Hungarian regiments and cap badges than from other nations of the Monarchy. The site has been active for two years now, so several posts have already been made about some regiments. This is also the case with the 26th from Esztergom, which the visitor could already read about in two posts, here and here. But if I have more material, I will deal with the regiments again in another post.

General information about the regiment can therefore be accessed via the links above. You can also see the enameled and plate version of the regiment’s insignia with the inscription “We stand forever”, together with photos of them being worn. In this post I present the regimental flag insignia. This is also part of the ARKANZAS company flag series. The enameling is black, in accordance with the lapel color of the regiment. The border of the insignia, the flagpole and the regimental number are yellow, according to the color of the regimental coat button.

The card used as a background shows a letter-sealing stamp. This was issued by the regiment’s disabled fund. Income from sales was used to help the disabled and war orphans. Of course, not much income came from the cheap little stamp, but the regiments also sold various other stationary goods and souvenirs, and collected money at charity events. On the small stamp, we see a wounded 26-er buck signing a piece of paper, presumably putting down the amount of money offered and paid.

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