Kappenabzeichen on postcards

IR 19 medallion

The 19th Infantry Regiment has appeared on the site several times. Therefore, in this post, I will not discuss his role in the war and his command. The reason why the regiment is mentioned again is the engraved medallion on which the regiment’s insignia can be seen.

It is obvious that a wide variety of souvenirs for the soldiers were produced by innovative insignia manufacturers and organizations dealing with military aid. Here we don’t see a real cap badge, but a medallion. Various pendants, accessories for watch chains, and key chains with various motifs were produced. Here we now see an object with a hanging ring decorated with the monarch’s portrait. Engraving is an afterthought. The already existing patriotic medallion was used as a basis to engrave the number of the regiment on it.

To support this argument, it should be noted that the same medallion also exists engraved with the number of the 32nd infantry regiment.

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1 year ago

Very interesting engraved medallion, never saw it before reading this article. Thank you

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