Men at arms

IR 44 reloaded

Several types of insignia were made for various infantry regiments. This gives me a chance to come back to some of them. This is also the case with the 44th, the “Damned regiment”, for which, in addition to its flag insignia, I have already introduced two types of Kappenabzeichen here and here. Thus, the war stories of the bucks from Somogy County are already largely known.

The nice, enamel regimental badge and the uploaded photo are now new. I wouldn’t say much about the badge: you just have to look and enjoy it. The photo is even more interesting. It shows one of the assault squads of the regiment in an artistic picture. The troop equipped with grenades follows the commander (an ensign) advancing forward in a heroic pose in the trenches with his pistol in hand. Of course, the edited picture is rather funny, but it shows very clearly the various equipment of the storm troopers, from helmets to wire cutters.

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