Kappenabzeichen on postcards


The 4th honvéd infantry regiment was one of the regiments of the 20th honvéd division. The division’s battles have already been mentioned on other occasions, and the regiment always took part in them. The 4th regiment experienced successes, heroic battles and failures alike. One of his battalions, for example, was surrounded and taken prisoner in a surprise attack at dawn on the Italian front. I mention this in connection with the previous post of IR 28. Tragedies and heroic deeds alternated in the history of almost every regiment.

The regiment had a well-known Kappenabzeichen the honvéd buck fighting a dragon. The badge sas designed by Sidlo, manufactured by Gurschner in Vienna. It also decorates the attached postcard. It also endorses the cover of the regimental history volume. It is also often shown in wearing photos: the bayonet slipper of the regimental commander, Colonel Károly Kratochvil, was also decorated with this insignia. By the way, he was a big cap badge collector. His collection formed the core of the insignia material of the Museum of Military History in Budapest.

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