Men at arms

Polish Legion 2.

I already wrote about the Polish Legion here in the special units section. The unit represented a remarkable military force, despite the fact that Polish-speaking men were primarily assigned to the Monarchy’s line regiments and the Landwehr. The legion was formed from volunteers and its command remained with the Austro-Hungarian higher commands. However, the command language was Polish and their uniforms also differed somewhat from the pike gray of the Monarchy. Later, the Legion formed the core of an armed force that came into conflict first with the Germans and then with the military leadership of the Monarchy and defined itself as an independent Polish force.

Various insignia were made for the Polish Legion. Among these, the Polish eagle unit badge worn as a cap cocade stands out. Badges issued on the occasion of various events were also popular. In this post, the badge celebrating the restoration of Polish statehood features. I already wrote about the event here. In the photo used for the post, General Pilsudski presents awards to the soldiers of the Legion. Badges worn on the side can be seen on several caps. I can see the eagle commemorative badge in one of them.

As an addition, there should also be a postage stamp decorated with the emblem of the Polish Legion.

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