Men at arms


After Queen Zita, it is also necessary to mention her husband, Emperor and King Karl. He has already been mentioned several times on this page. I would like to point out here that this year was the 100th anniversary of his death on April 22. Karl was exiled to the island of Madeira after the lost war. It is known that in the last year of the war and in 1919, the whole world was hit by the Spanish flu epidemic. It was similar to today’s COVID 19, only it claimed a lot more lives. In 1922, there were only isolated cases in small areas. Karl fell victim to this: almost unbelievable bad luck! The question is, of course, what the life of a ruler deprived of his power and a good part of his wealth would have been like if he had lived longer.

In this post, I present one of the most beautiful “Karl” cap badges. The portrait itself appears on several badges. But here we see it in a refined Art Nouveau frame that suits the taste of the time. The background photo isn’t bad either. It shows Kaiserjager on guard between the peaks of the Alps. On one of the caps, of course, we see the beautiful “Karl” badge.

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