Men at arms

5th Honvéd Hussars

The badges of the cavalry regiments were generally more expensive, often enameled pieces. In many cases, there was no cheaper badge, only the enamel, which collectors today generally consider to be “officers’” specimens. I think the enamel badges could be bought by anyone, but since it was expensive, the more affluent bought it more, especially if there was a cheaper version as well. It is possible, however, that there was a perception among the crew that the expensive badge was made for officers and the simple badge for bucks. But it was nowhere laid down, regulated.

Certainly not with the 5th Honvéd Hussar Regiment, for example. There are five known insignia of the regiment. Four of these are enameled and only one is made of a simple grey metal plate. This badge is one of the “Red Devil” badges of the Arkansas company, with the regiment number engraved on its small plaque, so it was not made specifically for this regiment. The badge seen from the side in the photo can only be identified as the beautiful enamel badge based on its shape. The badge itself is hand painted. The inscription on the back refers to the 5th Honvéd Hussar Regiment. It is one of the pieces prepared with much devotion, hand painted, each copy is different because of the manual work. One of the most expensive, most sought after badges today.

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