Kappenabzeichen on postcards

IR 37

The home regiment of Nagyvárad has already been mentioned here. The bucks of the regiment were called Jóska bucks, referring to the name of the regiment’s owner, Archduke Joseph (József).

In the previous post, I presented the “Jóska-baka” badge of the Fáklya Műipari Szövetkezet. Now comes the regiment’s other cap badge. This is another piece in the Arkansas company’s series of general portraits. The inscription includes the name of the 37th infantry regiment.

For the post, I uploaded another field correspondence card with an imprint of one of the regiment’s stamps. The postmark of the regiment is also included here. These stamps were mostly made by the support funds of the regiments. There is, however, a series that depicts portraits of regiment owners. These stamps are pieces of very similar size and design. Presumably they were designed and produced at the same time for the various regiments at the same publishing house.

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