Kappenabzeichen on postcards

IR 87 on Mt San Gabriele

The 87th Infantry Regiment received its crew from the territory of present-day Slovenia. Its cadre was stationed in Cilli (now Celje), with command and battalions in Pola. The regiment provided defense for the port in peace, but soon after the outbreak of the Great War they were deployed on the Russian and then the Italian front in the III. corps.

A picture of a soldier standing on Mt San Gabriel shows the 1917 military situation. At that time, as a result of the Italian attacks, the city of Görz was abandoned by the Monarchy. Similarly, opposite the town, the bridgehead on the right bank of the Isonzo was given up. The Italian attacks were then aimed at widening the posts already occupied along the Isonzo River and, if possible, breaking through the front. At the center of the attacks was Mount Mt San Gabriele, which was attacked by Italian troops from three directions. Defending the mountain was particularly difficult and a struggle with many casualties. I’ve written about this here.

The 87th Infantry Regiment also participated in the defense of the mountain in the summer of 1917. The badge commemorated this. Down in the valley to the right, the Salcano viaduct is already ruined. It was blown up in 1916 by the retreating Austro-Hungarian troops. The central figure, the 87er buck, equipped with hand grenades frequently used in defense, awaits the Italian attack.

The same badge also adorns the regiment’s postcard.

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