Kappenabzeichen on postcards

IR 39 fund for the disabled

The 39th Infantry Regiment was the house regiment of the city of Debrecen. Being a Debreciner, the history of the regiment has always interested me. Though, I no longer experienced the contact to the regiment as a student when my former alma mater moved into the barracks of the 39ers. I have been collecting 39er memorablia ever since.

I’ve already written about the regiment’s main cap badge here. In this post, I present the badge of the fund for the disabled. On the badge the wounded holding his crutch is nourished by an angel. The postcard of the disabled’s fund is a bit like this scene, although it is not an angel but a comrade who helps the wounded. The post card was presumably based on a plaque, or even more, on a relief, which apparently already existed during the Great War. The date is 1917.

The card was dated and sent a few days before the 1918 collapse. It reports that the sender is healthy. Let us hope he didn’t have a problem in the next three weeks and was able to return home.

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