Kappenabzeichen on postcards

5th honvéd hussar division

Eight of the ten honvéd hussar regiments were organized into two divisions at the beginning of the war. These divisions were first deployed as battle cavalry, and from 1915 onwards, hussars were increasingly forced into the trenches of the defense lines. Their organizational form remained, and the eighth regiments were subdivided into the 5th and 11th Cavalry Divisions.

The nimbus formed around the hussars in the first months of the war survived until the end of the Great War. Their colorful uniforms, pretty horsemen were favorites in the hinterland. Their name, the “red devils” has survived on many memorabilia. I have already presented one of the postcards here. The current post is similar, only the red devil cap badge has now been replaced by another at the position of the postage stamp.

To make sure that the two entries are not exactly the same, I also put in the magnificent, oval enamel badge of the 1st Hungarian Hussar Regiment. The text of this is “Limited in numbers but unbroken!” is a quotation from a well-known Hungarian poem. The camp post card comes from the collection of Gábor Csiszér.

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