Kappenabzeichen on postcards

IR 50 (2)

I have previously presented one of the regiment’s badges here. This current badge not only depicts a battle scene, but also lists the two most important battle locations of the regiment. The first is Iwangorod (August 1, 1915), the other Mt. Cimone – Arsiero (May 25 – June 1, 1916).
Based on the places and dates, it is easy to determine what events the regiment took part in. In the summer of 1915, after the Gorlice breakthrough, the regiment was assigned to the advancing German 11th Army and took part in the offensive in Russo-Poland. Here, the taking of Iwangorod fortress was an outstanding event. The fortress did not have to be besieged for a long time, the Russians practically gave it up in their general retreat.

The other date is connected to the great attack of the Monarchy in South Tyrol. The town of Arsiero is located on the western edge of the Settecomune plateau and was one of the most important targets of the attack. The Cimone mountain lies to the north of the settlement. The occupation of the city was only possible after the capture of the mountain. The regiment took the hill on May 25, and then marched into the city on June 1.

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