Kappenabzeichen on postcards

Dragoon Regiment 7

The regiment was founded in 1663. Since the Turkish wars, it had participated in all major armed conflicts of the Habsburg Monarchy. From 1888, the hereditary owner of the regiment was the Duke of Lotringen and Bar. During the Great War, its supplementary area was the vicinity of Prague, and its command was located in Kolomea.

The cavalry regiment with its long tradition could no longer play a leading role in the Great War, as in previous campaigns. The dragoons, the battle-deciding heavy cavalry, were forced into the trenches. Thus, the scene of the postcard used for the post also depicts an action in 1914, such scenes hardly took place later on.

Next to the portrait of the regiment’s owner, the motto of the regiment can be seen on the letter seal: “Proud as a friend, terrifying as an enemy.” The same can be read on the beautiful enamel Kappenabzeichen of the regiment, which is decorated with the monogram “L” after the name of the regiment owner.

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