Men at arms

179th infantry brigade

Many beautiful and sought-after badges by collectors are the Kabbenabzeichen of units recruited in Tyrol. In general, the majority of Tyrolean badges are very demanding, often with a colorful fire enamel design, very attractive. The same is true of the 179th Infantry Brigade badge. Like many other Tyrolean badges, the main motif is the red (one-headed) eagle representing Tyrol, holding a laurel branch on its beak. The badge’s shape makes it easier to distinguish it. Very few octagonal badges were made. The photo shown here does not show anything of the insignia’s motif, but based on its shape and size, the piece shown in the picture can be clearly identified as the brigade’s insignia.

The 179th Infantry Brigade was assigned to the 90th Division, which was organized in early 1915 and fought in the Tyrol during the war. Its stock included several local infantry units, mainly locally recruited Landsturm battalions. These were supplemented by march units of kaiserjager regiments and line regiments that changed from time to time. The command of the brigade was in South Tyrol, in Bozen (today Bolzano). In October 1917, the division was renumbered and was given the number 52 instead of the 90th. This is interesting because the former 57th division became the new 90th. The two should not be confused

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