Kappenabzeichen on postcards

40th “Fokos” Division

The 40th was the famous “Fokos” division. It got its name from the weapon used in trench combat, which was regular weapon in the troop. Four honvéd infantry regiments were assigned here, the 6th, 19th, 29th and 30th. I have already written about the battles of the division and the fokos Kappenabzeichen.

In this post, I will show that several versions of the division’s badge were made. Above all, we find three dates, 1914-16, 1914-17 and 1914-18. These are shown in the attached picture. In addition, there were grey metal, bronzed grey metal, white metal and silver specimens, and even a gold version with the year 1914-16 was made.

A postcard decorated with the badge also shows how popular the badge was. And the advertisement on the back of the 30th regiment’s newspaper encouraged the purchase of the badge.

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