Kappenabzeichen on postcards

Infantry Battalion VI/48

Almost all k.u.k. regiments sent one battalion for mountain training. It is rather obvious that warfare in the mountains requires substantially different skills, in many times also different equipment is used. Therefore, the Monarchy organized specialized Divisions for this type of terrain, that consisted of Mountain Brigades (Gebirgsbrigade). The organization of these was different then the regular units. The specialized battalions of the regular regiments were merged usually 4-5 to form the Gebirgsbrigade. They played more-or less similarly independent roles like the regular regiments of the infantry divisions. The IV. battalion of the 48th infantry regiment was such a unit.

Though the personnel of these units was more numerous than the other battalions, they were significantly smaller than the regiments. Therefore, their badges should be more rare, like the one in this post. It is even more difficult to find post cards decorated with the badge. The badge shows an infantryman throwing hand grenades from the trench on intruding enemies.

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