Men at arms

HR 7

The 7th hussar regiment received its crew from Pest County. His barracks and headquarters were in Debrecen. The buildings of the hussar are still there for the most part, the quarters of the command and the two hussar divisions, and even the tattersall. The latter is now an event center, the other buildings are used by the University of Debrecen. I also had an office in one of the rooms on the ground floor: I could feel like the heir of the 7th Hussars.

The regimental cap badge is very early. It appeared in newspapers published in 1915 as the new military fashion. The blue decoration of the insignia base (W II) is modeled after the initials of the name of the regiment’s owner, Kaiser Wilhelm II. The oval disc showing the regimental number is placed on top of this. There were also specimens on which these two parts were pressed together in one.

In the wearing photo, the shape of the badge is most reminiscent of this badge, although you can’t really make out the details on it. Many oval cavalry insignia closed with a crown were made, but their shape and curves were not the same. Thus, I see the insignia shown in this picture most reminiscent of the insignia of the 7th Hussars.

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