Kappenabzeichen on postcards

31st field howitzer regiment

The inscription on most artillery insignia shows the numbers of the divisions where they were assigned to. I have written many times about how the numbering of artillery units and the units themselves changed many times during the Great War. Numbers taken over from the divisions were in use the longest. This was the system from 1916, and in most cases the divisional artillery regiments survived until the end of the war. Among them were the field howitzer regiments.

The 31st Field Howitzer Regiment belonged to the artillery brigade of the 31st Infantry Division in Pozsony. It was formed in the summer of 1916 from the 1st division of the former 4th field howitzer regiment. It was assigned to this division throughout the war.

Among the pics taken of the artillery troops, the picture showing the towing gear is rarer. I managed to find one, since the badge depicts a more spectacular and moving parade from an artistic point of view. Each gun had a gun carriage. Three gunners sat on it, and three pairs of horses pulled the cart in front, to which the cannon was also attached during the march. Two gunners were traveling on the gun mount. This train was accompanied by several “national vehicles” (chariots) carrying equipment and ammunition. This is also clearly visible in the attached photo.

The photo and the badge are complemented by a field correspondence letter with the regiment’s stamp.

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