War propaganda

Japan? Egypt?

Some of the patriotic badges show the friendship of arms of the Monarchy and Germany and the common fight against many enemies. The accompanying card mockingly shows everyone defeated or fleeing. It is interesting that even Japan is listed, but not Italy. Rather, Japan participated in the Great War only with arms shipments on the side of the Entente. And Italy had obviously not yet declared war when the cartoon was made.

The interesting thing about the badge is that, apart from the usual enemy countries (including Japan), it also lists Egypt. Egypt’s status was uncertain. Before the war, it belonged to the Turkish Empire, but the Suez Canal Zone was under British control. Of course, after the outbreak of the war, Turkish sovereignty did not survive in the areas west of the canal either. In 1914, the Sultanate of Egypt was established under the British protectorate and lasted until 1922. Presumably, local soldiers could have fought in the British Egyptian Corps, but the bulk came from the countries of the British Empire. So, it is a bit of an exaggeration to include Egypt among the enemies, along with England and France. Like Japan, of course.

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