Men at arms


Several fighter battalions have already appeared in the entries, often the topic was the small numbered horn pinned to the field cap. This excellent wearing picture also shows the small horn, this time on the headgear of the commander of the 5th fighter battalion, Lt. Col. Carl Pöschek.

Since I have already featured several of the small horns, I am now attaching the unit’s plate badge to this post. Hunters No. 5 were also called Moravian hunters, as they were crewed from the northern part of Moravia, and the unit’s command was located in Olmütz. It was a true multinational unit, of course with the command language German, as with all Kuk military units. But the staff included roughly equal share of Austrians, Czechs and Poles. They were classified in the 6th division, III. corps. They were deployed on the Russian front until March 1916, then on the Italian front, in Tyrol.

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