Men at arms

IR 67 badge worn below decoration bands

The Kappenabzeichen were very popular and used for the inspiration of the soldiers. Many times commanders of the troops ordered them and distributed among the soldiers. It is quite obvious that they also wore them as a symbol of unity with the troops. The unofficially accepted position of the badges was on the left side of the field cap. However, as it is seen also on this picture, sometimes they were put up in completely strange places like the left side of the tunic, where normally only decorations were allowed. The lieutenant colonel however, wears both the decoration bands and the Kappenabzeichen together.

I may perhaps ask the readers to help me identify this officer. As you can see in the post about the IR 67 badge this picture must have been shot sometime in 1917 or 1918. The badge is dated 1914-1917. Maybe somebody has information about the officers of IR 67 with pictures to figure out who is on the picture?

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