Kappenabzeichen on postcards

LIR 6.

The 6th rifle regiment was already discussed in a post (here). The staff of the regiment belonging to the 21st division came from the Sudetenland. The command of the regiment was in the city of Eger. The regiment was deployed on the Russian front under the command of various corps.

In the previous post, I presented a postcard on which the outline of the city and the city’s coat of arms were visible. The motif of the coat of arms also appeared on a smaller patriotic badge. The coat of arms can be seen on the card and badge just published, in the upper middle section. Next to it, the city skyline is visible from the left, and a building (perhaps the command building?) is visible to the right. The main motif is the large number six, which the designer placed in the canopy of two huge oak trees. The inscription on the ribbon: “For the always steely sixers!”

As you can see, the Kappenabzeichen of the regiment also existed in the form of a plaque. This is shown in the photo on the postcard.

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