War propaganda

Faith breaking Italy

“Slap the transgressor!” said the inscription on the puppet shown in the picture, which was erected on Margaret Island of Budapest in 1915. The inscription on the badge that is the subject of this post reads: “First in the triple alliance, then a vagabond!” Italy was an ally of Germany and Austria for decades before the Great War, mainly against France. The support was sought because of the disputed ownership of Savoy. Then Italy turned the attention to Tyrol, the Maritimes, and Dalmatia, which they wanted to take away from the Monarchy. This is how the big turn of events and betrayal took place.

The declaration of war in May 1915 raised the mood in the Monarchy. The betrayal of the former ally outraged everyone. The slapping machine was set up on Margaret Island to relieve this anger. Anti-Italian cap badges also enjoyed big demand. The copy presented here depicts the Italians as a swashbuckling assassin equipped with daggers demanding reward. There were also badges showing the dagger-wielding Italian lurking behind unsuspecting Allied soldiers.

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