Kappenabzeichen on postcardsWar propaganda

4 rulers

The Kappeabzeichen shown in this section so far have been more about pieces mocking the enemy. This post is featuring a badge depicting the alliance system of Central Powers. As it is known, the Monarchy’s main ally was the German Empire after Italy left the triparty alliance. However, both sides of the Great War have made efforts to attract hesitant Balkan countries to enter the war on their sides. Romania and Greece chose the entente. Bulgaria and Turkey joined the Central Powers. This is how the alliance of the four emperors was formed in 1915.

The cooperating partners were portrayed in two basic ways in the contemporary propaganda. One way was to display four soldiers recognizable by their distinctive uniform. The other was the depiction of the rulers. The latter even appeared in the Hungarian playing cards that were used as advertisement space. Here you can see a badge, a postcard and a field postcard decorated with an cambered image of the badge.

It’s also interesting to see the inscription on the card. According to this, the badge on the postcard was sold at a gold-plated finish at 2 K by the Military Aid Office. The inscription is not only interesting because of the presentation of contemporary advertising. The gilded badge on the card is even more interesting. I’ve never seen a gold-plated specimen of this Kappenabzeichen. I suspect if it was advertised, it must have existed.

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2 years ago

[…] The third type presented portraits of rulers. Such a badge was also included in one of the posts here. The badge now on display also features soldiers and rulers. The main motive, however, is the two […]

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