Men at arms

IR 38

I have already presented pictures of the flag badges of the Arkansas company. Here we now see a nice wearing photo of one of them. The most common way for flag badges to be worn was between the two buttons on the front of the cap, as in this picture. It is rare that there is no reflection on enameled, smooth surfaces, which makes it very difficult to read the number. Here too, we can only guess that we see the number three before the number eight.

If the flag is really number 38, then its color is black, and the body of the badge itself is silver-plated. These colors represent the lapel and button colors of the regiment. It is not very common for the silvering to remain intact on flag insignia. This color is still completely intact on this copy.

The 38th infantry regiment was the house regiment of the city of Kecskemét. It was assigned to the 7th division.

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