Kappenabzeichen on postcards

13th Landwehr Field Cannon Regiment

I cheated a bit on this post. The post card belongs to the 13th Landwehr Field Howitzer Regiment and the badge belongs to the 13th Landwehr Field Cannon Regiment. Both had Vienna additions. According to the card, the monument shown on it is the Viennese “iron howitzer”. In other words, it was a wooden sculpture to support the regiment’s disabled foundation, into which steel nails could be hammered, like other memorial statues. And the nails were sold in return for donations. The monument was erected in the artillery barracks in Vienna’s Rennweg (near Belvedere Palace).

I just found the card and immediately thought of the artillery regiment because I wanted to present this badge for a long time. The depiction of the gun is extremely detailed on the badge. Another special feature of the badge is that the upper right part of almost all pieces shows a yellow “discoloration”. It has been suggested that the yellow paint on the war metal insignia was intended to represent the imperial black and yellow colors on purpose. Black was the base color of the insignia, and the yellow diagonally above was a layer of varnish, which was mostly worn out.

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