Kappenabzeichen on postcards

2nd Army II.

The Austro-Hungarian Second Army was stationed in the mobilization turmoil at the beginning of the war, first on the Serbian front and was hastily returned to Eastern Galicia. Moving an army on the contemporary railway network was a very big logistical task. It involved the movement of about 100,000 people, an enormous amount of munitions and equipment, weapons. In addition, the counter-traffic of other troops involved in the mobilization against Serbia had to be taken into account. No wonder the troops diverted from south to north were late and their organizational order was disrupted. This, of course, was only one reason for the big losses of the battles of the fall of 1914.

By the end of autumn, the 2nd Army was trapped in the Carpathians. From there, he launched unsuccessful attacks to free the enclosed Przemysl. According to some sources, the loss of troops seeking rescue during this period was greater than that of the army awaiting rescue. The badge of the army commemorates this great effort.

Like many other badges, this badge also exists in a smaller and a larger version. The printed badge on the postcard used for the post corresponds to the small one. Like other army insignia, it was made in large numbers and is still readily available today. A beautiful creation from the company Gurschner.

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