Men at arms

12th Ulan Regiment, Custozza

There was no talk of Ulan’s, much less of Ulan’s in Hungary. The cavalry recruited in the territory of the Kingdom of Hungary was almost exclusively a hussar. The dragoons were typically Czech, Moravian, and Austrian cavalry, while Galicia gave the Ulans. A small number of exceptions included the 12th Ulan Regiment, which had a Croatian crew with a center in Varazdin. Croatian lads were recruited to the 5th Ulans too.

The 12 Ulan Regiment’s day was the day of remembrance for the Battle of Custozza. This is evidenced by the regiment’s letter seal. On June 24, 1866, overpowering Italian troops were overrun at this place near Verona with a cavalry assault. The 13th Ulan Regiment had a lion’s share in this, although other cavalry units, including hussars, took part in the battle.

One of the general insignia of the cavalry of the Monarchy is also depicting the scene. This badge also features the inscription Custozza, and as a reminder of the “glorious past,” the notable onslaught of this battle was captured on the left. To the right is a scene of a typical trench in the Great War, with demounted cavalry in the trenches.

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