Kappenabzeichen on postcards

IR 83

In particular, this entry is intended to illustrate that subsequent batches of Kappenabzeichen series may be different even if the design is not changed deliberately. The ARKANZAS company produced numbered flags for the common infantry regiments. The color of the flags shows the collar lap color of the common infantry regiments. The badges were either gilded or silver plated. Which one, in turn, depended on the color of the cloak buttons. In our example, the lapel of the 83rd Infantry Regiment was dark brown and the buttons were silver. Both flag badges presented here were manufactured by ARKANZAS.

It can be seen that the coloring of the two badges presented is significantly different. The most striking is the glossy finish of one badge compared to the duller, matte finish of the other. This discrepancy can certainly be the result of a manufacturing defect in the later case. The most common matte specimens have all completely lost their shimmering luster. The other batch, on the other hand, went well, the enamel in this case the usual bright, luminous beautiful. Unfortunately, this is precisely the smaller number of copies, and this version is rarely encountered.

It is also a common discrepancy that the gilding or silver plating of the badge body wears out. As the body of the badge is made of copper alloy (tombak), the lack of gilding is not very striking. In our case, however, we should see silvering, which in turn is completely gone, the color of the basic tombs is visible on the flagpole and the number as well. The silver plating is easily worn out, so we can often see “incorrectly” yellow numbers in other regiments’ case too instead of the silver plated ones. It is common for silver plating to remain in small spots on the back of the badge, even if worn on the other side as is shown in this case. The signature engraved on the back of the matte badges can be read (Farkasobl, i.e. Lieutenant Farkas). The standard mark is visible on the back of the other glossy copies. In fact, the shape of the numbers is also slightly different. This also shows that these are two different batches.

Only a few postcards were decorated with the regiment’s flag badge. This magnificent piece comes from the collection of my friend Gábor Csiszér.

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