Men at arms

IR 95

The infantry regiments operated charity funds to help their war invalids and war orphans. They tried to collect donations in many ways. Many of them had cap badges made and sold them mainly to soldiers. Badges ordered by such funds often depicted the soldier surrounded by his family. This is also the case with the insignia of the 95th Infantry Regiment.

The recruiting area of the 95th Infantry Regiment was Czortków in Galicia. The command and the battalions, with the exception of the cadre, were stationed in Lemberg. The regiment belonged to the 30th division and the XI. corps. The crew was mostly Ruthenian, a smaller part Polish. They fought mainly on the Eastern Front. From the spring of 1918, the regiment belonged to the occupying forces in Ukraine. He was sent to the Italian front in October, where he never arrived because the Great War ended.

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