Roundtrip in Austria-Hungary


The archbishop’s ancient seat of Trient was the most important centre of the southern part of Tyrol south of the Brenner Pass. Today it belongs to Italy (Trento) and it is the center of the Autonomous Region of Trentino-South Tyrol. In the north of the city center stands Buonconsiglio Castle, the old seat of the archbishop. It was looted during the Napoleonic Wars and later became an Austrian barracks. The tower, which can be seen on the badge, is the oldest part of the castle, from the 1100s. During the Great War, the South Tyrolean front section’s command was in the city and it also served as a logistics hub in the Etsch Valley as the main hub for the railway south of Brenner. The postcard from the castle could have been a model of the badge: the setting is quite the same.

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