Men at arms

Transylvanian Rangers

Transylvanian rangers was a famous group of volunteers. It was organized by Prince Lajos Windischgrätz after the Romanian invasion. The troop operated as an independent unit for 13 months in 1916 and 1917. They took part in the assault launched against the Magyaros roof in the Carpathians on March 8, 1917. The detachment was assigned by the German commander of the front section, General von Seeckt, to the 39th Honvéd Division as reinforcement. During 1917, the detachment merged into this division.

The tiger Kappenabzeichen was the distinguishing mark of the unit. The commander ordered it for his warriors. The prince’s wife designed the badge based on her husband’s favorite slogan: the soldiers of his unit were his tigers. Marton Alajos manufactured the badge in Budapest.

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