Men at arms

Ladies at the heavy artillery

There were three types of artillery units in the Monarchy. In addition to the field cannon and field howitzer regiments, there were also heavy artillery units. These were primarily equipped with 15 cm field howitzers (the field howitzer regiments also had such guns). These were supplemented by guns of even larger caliber, older or newly developed. The best known of these is the 30.5 cm mortar.

The 30,5 cm has already been discussed several times (for example, here and here). Now the topic came up because we can see the Kappenabzeichen depicting the gun in an interesting photo of it being worn. For one, relatively few of the artillerists’ insignia were produced, and photos taken of them wearing them are even rarer. And pictures taken of ladies in uniform are truly a white raven category.

In addition to the badge, the usual unit ID letters can also be seen on the lady’s cap. More specifically, a part of what badges don’t cover. I see it as a heavy artillery signal (SFAR), which is well complemented by the 30 and a half insignia. How these two ladies got into this unit, I can’t even imagine! But I’d rather not dissect this right now, because my daughter will bite my head off if she notices that I get excited about such completely irrelevant questions about the ladies!

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