Kappenabzeichen on postcards

Skiers 2

Winter and the ski season are here: you can honor it with a ski badge. The ski troops were discussed earlier in connection with another badge here. I have now taken a postcard from the period, on which a ski patrol is active in the Dolomites.

Based on the picture, I tried to imagine how the warfare took place there in the winter conditions. Apparently, a kind of guard post system could have been built between the high mountains. The terrain was not very suitable for the construction of connected positions and trenches. In the no-man’s land between the occupied defense lines, patrols maintained contact. They were equipped with skis in winter. If they encountered an enemy patrol, a minor skirmish took place.

The ski badge presented here was also prepared by the Gurschner company like the other one introduced earlier. Perhaps this is the more common. It has an attractive shape, and the art nouveau decoration is beautiful.

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