Roundtrip in Austria-Hungary

Nagyszeben – Hermannstadt

The XII. corps headquarters was placed in a neo-baroque palace on Schewisgasse (today Bulevardul Victoriei). Nagyszeben was the largest fortified city in Transylvania, so it was not by chance that it became one of the most important centers of military administration.

The building of the corps headquarters can be seen on many postcards, but you can hardly find out anything about it. Based on its address (Schewisgasse 8), I found out that today the office of international relations of the city university operates in the building. Since the place is not in the old city core, many buildings in its surroundings have been demolished. In their place are now modern buildings. A little further down the street is the large building of the garrison hospital, which still functions as a hospital today.

The XII. corps insignia is well known. Next to the destroyed bridge of the Bug, it depicts soldiers watching the destruction in shock.

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