Roundtrip in Austria-Hungary


St. Michael’s Church with its triple dome is the defining building of the city’s panorama. The church was built in the mid-1200s and rebuilt between 1673 and 1686 into the baroque hall church as seen today. To the right of the badge is the 100-metre-high bell tower of St. Wenceslas Cathedral. In front of it are two smaller towers adorning the entrance. Construction of the church began in the early 1100s. Olmütz was then Moravian provincial center. After the fire of 1265 it was completely rebuilt, at which time it was given its visible Gothic form. It was restored in the late 1800s and completed in a new gothic style. The picture on the left shows the baroque towers of the Church of Our Lady of the Snows, built in the 1710s. Other spectacular images of the town the Town Hall and the 35-metre-high Trinity column in front of it are not visible on the badge.

Olmütz had already lost its status as a provincial seat during the Monarchy. Brünn took over this role. It became the administrative center of the northern part of the province. But it continued to play a significant role in the military organization. The 5th Infantry Division and the 9th Brigade’s commando was placed in the city. This brigade incorporated the 54th Infantry Regiment, whose Kappenabzeichen is decorated with the city skyline. The regiment’s personnel had a mix of Germans and Czechs. From the beginning of the war until April 1918, it was deployed on the Russian front. It was then transferred to the Italian front with the 5th Division. The badge reads “Drzte se Kanaci” in English “Stick to the ropes” (perhaps more likely: roots).

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Ian Harvey
Ian Harvey
3 years ago

Hi MIklos,
Yet another great explanation together with accompanying photos showing how these badges acquired at their motif. A great insight into a wonderful badge

2 years ago

[…] presented one of the badges of the 54th Infantry Regiment in connection with the city of Olomouc: The regiment with the 5th Infantry division was deployed mainly on the Russian front. Its staff […]

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