Kappenabzeichen on postcards


I have already written about the 1st Landwehr Infantry Regiment in Vienna here. At that time the focus was on the small horns worn by Jäger and Landwehr. But there was another badge that might have been associated with this regiment. It shows only a large number in a laurel wreath decorated with white pearls, held together by a red ribbon below. The red ribbon with the white pearls gives the Austrian red-white color combination, hence it can be associated with the 1st Landwehr.

Although the identification of the insignia leaves much room for doubt, the field correspondence card and letter seal attached to the post belong to the 1st Landwehr Regiment. Particularly interesting is the motif of the seal, which appears on the cap badge of the 1st Landsturm Regiment. The Landwehr and Landsturm were the Austrian counterparts of the Hungarian Honvéd and Insurgent Regiments, with a common cadre. Thus, overlaps were common between regiments with the same number. There were badges that were manufactured mentioning both regiments.

In addition to the letterhead, I am also attaching a photo of the Landsturm regiment’s Kappenabzeichen.

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