Men at arms

ITD 39

The 39th “Forward” infantry division was one of the better-known Hungarian divisions. His regiments recruited from the eastern part of Upper Hungary. The division first fought in Galicia and later in Transylvania. This division, primarily the 10th and 11th honvéd infantry regiments, carried out the memorable assault on the Magyaros height on March 8, 1917.

Several versions of this cap badge decorated with an oak leaf motif are known. The inscriptions and numbers on these were made in two different font sizes and shapes, sometimes enameled, and sometimes as simple plate badges. This is one of the most beautiful badges.

The wearing photo attached to the post is a real treat. I really like the lieutenant holding his pipe in the corner of his mouth. You can see his eccentric personality. The heart-patterned decoration on the sheath of the assault knife is no less special. In his right hand he holds a pole, which is very reminiscent of the pole often seen in the equipment of the Austrian mountain formations. I don’t know how it got into the hands of the lieutenant, since the picture was hardly taken in the Alps based on the wickerwork background. Naturally, the cap shows the insignia of the 39th Division.

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