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IR 58

The 58th Infantry Regiment, based in Stanislau, was one of the regiments of Eastern Galicia. Organizationally, the it belonged to the XI. corps that fought on the Russian front almost throughout the war. 72% of its personnel was Ruthenian, the rest mainly Polish. The regiment was founded in 1763. Its name (Walloon regiment) is presumably related to the circumstances of its foundation. Perhaps a Walloon nobleman was the first regiment owner. Unfortunately, I didn’t learn much about the regiment. There is a Ukrainian traditionalist group, but there is no meaningful information on their website about their role during the Great War.

They fought first in Galicia, then in Bukovina. In 1918, they were ordered to the Italian battlefield for a short time, but then they were stationed in Ukraine as an occupying force in the regions of Odessa and Kherson. At the end of the war, they came back along the Danube line to Orsova and then to Belgrade, but the new southern front line was no longer established. The end of the war came to the regiment in Palánka.

The regiment received an attractive plate badge. Pieces were not only silvered, but some of them also made of silver.

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