Kappenabzeichen on postcards


Rifle battalions were organized throughout the Monarchy. Their training and employment differed from traditional infantry regiments, although the differences gradually decreased as the war progressed. After a while, the main difference of the jager battalions was that they had much bigger in size than a normal infantry battalion. They had independent commands like infantry regiments, and thus were usually direct divisional troops.

The jager battalion No. 9, was organized in the province of Steiermark. I present its insignia in two versions in this post together with one of the battalion’s field correspondence cards. The two badges differ slightly in size and in material. The first is a simple gray metal piece, the other is a bronze alloy.

The 9th jager were assigned to the 12th, later the 56th and the 18th infantry brigades. They fought in Galicia until August 1915 and then on the Italian front until the end of the Great War.

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