Kappenabzeichen on postcards

IR 50

The 50th infantry regiment was at home in Gyulafehérvár, an important city in Southern Transylvania, the center of the Romanians living there. Accordingly, the majority of its crew was of Romanian nationality.

The regiment was assigned to the 35th division. Accordingly, the war career led through many major battles all the way till 1918. In 1914-15, it was deployed wedged between German troops in the central and northern part of Galicia. They took part in the battles around Warsaw, in the capture of Ivangorod fortress. They were also present during the Monarchy’s May 1916 attack in Tyrol on the Siebengemeinden plateau. At that time they belonged to the 15th Infantry Brigade in the 3rd Division. After that, in 1917, from the XIV. corps they were transferred to the Isonzo Army, then back to Tyrol at the time of the Piave Offensive in 1918, as part of the 19th Division. The separated IV. battalion fought in the 6th Mountain Brigade.

One of the regiment’s Kappenabzeichen shows a charging buck fighting a (perhaps Russian?) opponent. Made by ARKANSAS. I used an envelope with the stamp of the regiment as a background image.

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