Kappenabzeichen on postcards

HIR 307

The regiment was organized d in the spring of 1915 in Transylvania. Together with the 306th honvéd infantry regiment, they formed the 202nd honvéd infantry brigade until 1917. This brigade was first ordered to the area of Kolomea, and then took part in the battles around Rarancze in January 1916. In July 1916, they came close to the Transylvanian border in Bukovina. At that time, they belonged to the 40th division and, like the Russ detachment, fought in the Kirlibaba area. Later, on the same front, the brigade joined the German Carpathian corps, then the XI. corps. In March 1917, they were assigned to the 74th Honvéd Division and were stationed in the Eastern Carpathians.

The badge of HIR 307 represents the lasting battles against the Russians in a symbolic form. A bayonet is already sticking out of the side of the Russian bear, and now the buck is preparing to beat the bear to death with his axe. On the insignia in the circle “Up, up warriors prepare for the battle!” inscription can be read, which the first line of a popular poem from 1848, which may have been the regiment’s march.

Of the two badge images attached to the post, the one on the letter is smaller than the other. It is interesting that although the badge image is exactly the same, the miniature badge has a much more plastic design than the normal size.

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