Kappenabzeichen on postcards

IR 5

This regiment was the regiment of Szatmár County. The cadre was stationed in Szatmárnémeti. Its command located in Eperjes. The crew consisted of mixed Hungarian and Romanian nationalities.

The year on the regimental insignia and the inscription Custozza indicate the memorial day of the regiment. In 1866, the Monarchy won here against the forces of the Kingdom of Italy, which was preparing to invade Veneto and South Tyrol. However, Austria could not fend off the simultaneously launched Prussian attack in the north. The failed Battle of Königgrätz finally undermined the Monarchy’s European great power aspirations. The German-speaking area outside of Austria was united under Prussian control. The German Empire was soon established.

The regiment’s beautiful insignia includes additional battle locations. These represent the most important battlefields visited until 1917. Gradjenik and Sveta Marija recalled two memorable deployments of the regiment’s separate battalion on the Serbian and Italian fronts. This battalion was assigned to the 7th Mountain Brigade. The 5th infantry regiment belonged to the 15th Division.

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