Kappenabzeichen on postcards

IR 24

This is now again a classic cap badge card: a silver-embossed image of the original badge adorns the field postcard. It’s like having an original badge on it too, as their colors are the same.

The 24th Infantry Regiment recruited its crew from Eastern Galicia. His headquarters were in Vienna, the cadre in Kolomea. Its crew consisted mostly of Ruthenians, and according to statistics, there were also Slovaks in the regiment. Kolomea, located next to the Prut River, is the center of the Hutsul countryside, according to the lexicon. The Hutsuls are a branch of the Ruthenian nation who live east of the Carpathians and in Máramaros. Today, most of them live in Ukraine, but fragments of them from the southern part of the old Máramaros County came to present-day Romania, so they also live there. Apart from the dialect, they differ from other Ruthenian ethnic groups mainly in their religion, they are Greek Catholics. You can read more about the Hutsuls here.

The regiment belonged to the 25th Division, and it mostly operated in the 2nd Army. That is, on the Russian front, in eastern Galicia, just north of Bukovina, where the regiment’s crew belonged to anyway. In the summer of 1918, the division was transferred to the Italian front. The end of the war found them here.

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